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A fresh approach to web and print design in Norwich
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  • Design

    We love to design. Be that for print or the web, we've been helping businesses promote themselves better for years. What's better than a great design that brings your brand to life?

  • Web

    We love the web. If you're looking for that first website to help promote your venture or if you're looking for a full eccommerce solution to help your business fly on the web.

  • Print

    Print and that physical item to hold, is still very valid in our mobile age. Business Cards, Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, Postcards, Booklets and Stationery to name a few.

Welcome to Intrepidstar

Hello and welcome to the online home of Intrepidstar. So what makes us different to any and every other web designer/ design studio in Norwich, England, Europe or the World?

There’s a few crucial points that we think make us the perfect place to start or continue your online journey. We live and are based in the centre of Norwich, which we feel is crucial to give that peace of mind, that our physical studio is always there for you to come and see us, you never know we might even have a cuppa ready for you too.

Firstly we care, not just today, but int he future too. All of our websites and solutions use industry standard tools in their creation. Why is this a good idea? Well, every month we have a least one enquiry from a prospective client that has an existing site, that was coded and built bespoke to them (this is good) by a designer that used a system that they had built… they’ve now moved on or got a job somewhere else and the system that was used isn’t available any longer (this is bad). So sadly the only option is for the client to spend money and time building a whole new site.

So using, in the main, off the shelf solutions that will grow with your venture allowing freedom of choice web choices that will give you the edge.

Maybe you’re looking for a simple single page site for a society or club, great we can do that. Perhaps you’re looking to sell online, great, we love ecommerce sites, there’s so many ways to get the best from the web. If you already sell on Ebay or Amazon, these can be integrated. Maybe you’d like to link all of that to an app on your phone, no problem, we can handle that too.

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